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XL + Tactical Pen
XL + Tactical Pen
XL + Tactical Pen

XL + Tactical Pen

Tale Of Knives
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  • XL + Tactical Pen belt loop for tool and tactical pen. 

Handcrafted from our hand dyed leather colors Medium Brown, Dark Brown or Black. 


Belt Loop sizing is for a 1.5 inch belt. 

 XL (1.7 inches wide 5 inches length) known to fit: Spyderco PM2, ZT 0562CF and Benchmade Triage or Leatherman Signal. Fits MP600 or Gerber Diesel.

  • with Tactical Pen sizing fits .50 inches diameter and 5.4 inches in length. Such as a Fenix T5ti, Gerber Impromptu and Bigidesign Ti Click. 


Directly from the maker:

  • 100% handmade  - hand cut, hand dyed and hand stitched
  • Quality leather - Full grain American tanned cow hides create a unique patina in time
  • Hand dyed - giving each and every item a unique appeal full of character
  • Tiger Thread - known for its strength and durability

    Handcrafted leather gear made using traditional methods from a family owned and crafted small business.




     Purchase is for leather gear only.

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