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TOK Talk

May 5, 2022

M Stitch: Machine Stitched Gear

From hand stitched to machine stitched, Tale of Knives is moving forward with getting our customers gear sooner than later. Introducing Machine Stitched leather goods, a few items at a time, available in limited quantities. Get your gear when you need it #carryyourway

Feb 8, 2022


Gear Sizing Narrow your search by answering these questions First: What tool/knife are you carrying? Pick one Stand...

Dec 23, 2021

Why buy Tale of Knives?

Whats the difference between TOK leather gear and the knock off imitation gear floating around the web? Find out here!!  Handcrafted everyday carry gear that lives up the your values of honest American Leathercraft. #proudlymadeintheUSA

Mar 22, 2020

TOK Sizing

 Contact us for questions on your gear fitting! NOTE: All belt loops are custom made to fit a belt that is 1.5 inches...
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