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Gear Sizing

Narrow your search by answering these questions

First: What tool/knife are you carrying? Pick one

  • Standard  (shop Standard collection) Small/Standard sized knives
  • XL (shop XL collection) - Medium knives
  • Multitool Push Up (shop Multitool collection) medium Multitools such as ie. Wave, Charge, Free P2/P4 etc.
  • Big Boy (shop Big Boy collection) Large Multitools ie. Surge, OHT, Centerdrive, MP600

Do you only carry a tool? Check out our Single and Solo options.

Second: Size up what flashlight works with your tool/knife: Check if light option is available with your first pick.

What diameter of flashlight are you pairing up? (See each listing description for details)

Our +XL Flashlight fits 1 inch in diameter lights

Most of our gear fits a Flashlight .91 inch in diameter

Our Slim flashlight options fit .70 inch in diameter lights (on belt sheaths and belt clips)

Third: Style! How do you want to carry your gear? Here, you narrow down your options.

Most of our gear is made for belt carry, let’s break it down.

Belt Loop, has a loop on each side of the sheath, loops fit a 1.5 inch wide belt, fits most standard made belts. Some styles can be noted for 1.75 inch wide belt loops (must be noted at checkout)

Belt clips = Double Clips: fits 1.5 inch wide belts

Clip - seen on Jax Clips = Single Clip, (see listing descriptions) most Single clips options fit 1.5-1.75 inch wide belts

Pocket Gear is for EDC gear organization to be placed in pockets, may or may not have a lanyard hole depending on style.

More info on Pen sizing and Keysnap options coming soon! If in doubt, email us

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