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Our Story

Who is Tale of Knives? To put it simple, we are a handcrafted leather goods business that's aways strives for quality over quantity, especially in a world over burdened with cheap manufactured gear. We craft each and every piece by hand on the West Coast, making useful gear, for real everyday use!
The "Tale" of Knives
It wouldn't be right if we didn't tell you our own tale from the start. Some may say it all started with a picture of a knife. Combining photography skills and a deep established interest in knives, @taleofknives IG was started in 2017. After photographing some prominent knife companies and providing images for their needs, Jeremy saw a problem. So much gear and not enough pocket space. That is when Jeremy realized he could have his gear and wear it too, a useful solution to a common issue. 
Tale of Knives quickly became established as an everyday carry leather goods shop in 2018. Starting from scratch on the kitchen table, with zero knowledge of the craft, we dove deep into obtaining the knowledge we needed to bring our ideas to life. As our knowledge of the craft grew, so did our business.  Long nights, trials and errors, and a burning passion pushed us each and every day. 
From the beginning, Tale of Knives has and always will strive for quality crafted gear made for real use. From using Full Grain American tanned cow hides, strong and durable thread, a specific hand stitching method, our gear is made for the everyday needs for the everyday person. 
We continue to grow our business one day at time. Tale of Knives is more than just a business, it is our family. And with family, anything is possible. 
Our story is only the beginning to a lifelong tale. 
 - Jeremy and Megs
Thank you for letting Tale of Knives be a part of your tale! You are not only supporting a business, you are supporting a family and other families who help craft the gear we make each and every day. 
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