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M Stitch: Machine Stitched Gear

While our quality of full grain leather holds solid and true, we wanted to deliver our customers a piece of handmade Tale of Knives gear they could get faster and at a budget friendly price. 

Hence, our Machine Stitched options are just the beginning of a direction we have been excited to take Tale of Knives. 

How is this different than what we currently offer? The stitching method of course.

  • Machine Stitched: punches and stitches our gear in a fast and quality crafted way. Still 100% handmade, but in a faster and more convenient way of getting products to customers more swiftly. 

Whats the difference in the thread: both have a high standard for quality

  • Machine stitched thread: premium nylon holds heavy gear together. It strong and durable, resistant to wear and abrasions.

Our New M Stitch line includes the following gear: limited quantity! All RTS and ships in 1-3 business days.


  • The Multitool Push Up M stitch: our first single multitool sheath, stitched by machine, best quality full grain vegetable leather hides and quality crafted. 

 Machine stitched Multitool push up sheath for tools

Put your tool and sheath to use with the: Multitool Push Up - M Stitch 



  • Big Boy M stitch, a single sheath holder for your larger Multitools. Same great leather, for less, with a little assistance from our stitching machine. 

Organize with the Big Boy M stitch



  • M2: a take off our popular ace 2.0, machine stitched, solid built, steel hardware key chain clip for your most constant carry, your keys!

Key snap key chain ring, great gifting for quality full grain leather gear

Keep your keys together with our M2 Ace 


Tale of Knives will always commit to putting out quality crafted leather gear, no matter if its hand stitched or machine stitched. Our leather is always top quality full grain American tanned leather hides. #qualitycrafted 

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