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Why buy Tale of Knives?

"Buy once, Cry Once" a phrase we have heard quite a few times. Skip to the bottom to see a video!

You see, in a world over burdened with cheaply made goods, we are proud to make real gear, that lasts. Our goal has always been to make gear with a purpose. Tale of Knives uses quality Full Grain vegetable tanned cow hides, strong and durable thread and hardware meant for real everyday carry. 

All of sudden we start getting messages from customers wishing they'd seen our gear sooner. They share with us they received a knockoff from Amazon, they see ads with TOK images but it links to an off brand website. We find out foreign companies started replicating our Two Tone Tux Multitool Push Up gear in 2020 and mass producing them, looking to make a quick buck, with no heart in the product. 

It is a huge problem not only with leather goods, but to other honest American companies who put their dreams into the products they create. In this case, imitation is not flattering to any extent.


  • Wish (you'll wish you didn't)
  • Ali Express
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Etsy 
  • Other sites that imitate our gear

They shamelessly use Tale of Knives photos to push an inferior product that fails for everyday carry use.

How do we know? A handful of customers offered to send us the knock off item they received. Talk about customer loyalty!! #thankyou It is a sad imitation of our product that under values what true leather craft is.

What the knock off gear is:

  • Genuine or Top grain leather (lowest quality of split hides), articial leather? Maybe, its feels very rubbery to be considered leather.
  • Machine stitched (one tear and you've got an unraveled flat tire), possibly lost tools in the process
  • Thin and flimsy hardware

What Tale of Knives gear is:

  • Full Grain American tanned cow hides - "Durable leathers that obtain  rich patinas that only better with age"
  • Hand stitched, yes. Thats every single hole has hands pushing the thread and needle through to interlock each stitch. But wait, there's more. Real thick, strong thread that won't be ripping any year soon.
  • Hardware - strong and heavy snaps, buttons and rings, for real use.

You can buy Tale of Knives handcrafted leather gear only from - straight from us, crafted by us and shipped by us.

An All American company, leather crafting real gear, for real use.

We hope one day you cannot only see the difference, but feel the difference, know the difference between true Leathercraft and not. 

If you'd like to watch some videos displaying the differences in Tale of Knives gear vs the imitation gear, here are a few:

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  • Thanks for the great product. I purchased the XL push-up multitool pouch. As a paramedic, I rely heavily on the tools I have at my side. I cannot afford to worry about the pouches and cases I use to hold them. The TOK cases offer me that piece of mind. Thanks again.

  • I got a double clip tuxedo and I love it! As a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, I know what it’s like to put gear to hard use, and I can say, this thing holds up and probably will for the rest of my life. Nothing like the imitation crap on Amazon. I hope to give it to my son in a few years, but chances are, I’ll just buy him one, too!

    Joshua A.

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